Management Asbestos Survey

Often referred to as a “type 1” asbestos survey from an earlier version of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, the management asbestos survey is the one required simply to be compliant with the legislation.

Management is actually a friendlier and more meaningful name for this type of survey, as it really is intentioned to allow the building occupier to manage any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) that might be present in the premises.

During a management asbestos survey, the asbestos surveyor will inspect the external fabric of the building as well as every room within the building, to visually identify any potential ACMs.

It is good practice to sample each such material, even if it’s only to rule out the presence of asbestos, because otherwise, the surveyor must presume that asbestos is present.

This presumption of asbestos being contained within a material can make life extremely difficult for the building occupier because it means that until it is proven otherwise, the material in question must be treated not only as though it contains asbestos, but also buy prednisone cheap that it’s the worst type of asbestos.

This can create difficulties in things like suspended ceilings, where some surveyors might not inspect the areas above, but instead presume that asbestos is present in a void.

Making any alterations or even inspecting those areas after a presumption of asbestos presence is noted becomes very expensive!

Therefore, you should check that your asbestos surveyor is going to physically inspect areas such as ceiling and roof voids, as an omission in this area is likely to cause significant inconvenience later.

Whilst a management asbestos survey is not intrusive, the surveyor must use all due care to ensure that all areas are examined properly.

This means taking small samples of any materials that might contain asbestos for laboratory analysis. The results of the analysis will usually be presented in table format along with certification from an independent UKAS laboratory.

The management asbestos survey can only be used for building management purposes and where asbestos is present (or presumed to be present) must be updated annually – though not necessarily by the asbestos surveyor.