Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

The original name of the Refurbishment Asbestos Survey was the “Type 2 Asbestos Survey” but this was superseded under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

A refurbishment asbestos survey is required when a building (or part of the building) was erected before 2000 and is to undergo major refurbishment.

The important thing to remember is that even if a management asbestos survey has been carried out and an asbestos register exists, there is still a requirement to have a refurbishment asbestos survey carried out.

More intrusive than a management survey, the asbestos surveyor will not only require access to all areas affected by refurbishment, but will get off prednisone safely also require access to voids in floors, walls, ceilings etc., even if this means damaging certain surfaces in order to reach a particular area.

The aim of the refurbishment asbestos survey is protect those working on the refurbishment, from accidental exposure to asbestos and to identify any potential asbestos containing materials not previously identified in a management survey.

The entire building does not have to be surveyed and the survey can be restricted to only those areas affected by the refurbishment project.

During a refurbishment asbestos survey, it is likely that more sampling will be undertaken and this does of course, add to the cost.