Dilapidations Appraisals

Looking to end a commercial property lease?

Whether you are reaching the end of your commercial property lease or are looking to use a break clause or exit a lease early, your landlord will issue a dilapidations claim.

If the lease is ending prematurely, the landlord will want to maximise the claim as a disincentive for you to leave, especially in today’s tough economic climate where buildings can lie empty for months or years.

A dilapidations appraisal will give you an idea of what your landlord can and probably will claim for, but without alerting him to the fact you are planning to leave.

This gives you time to address any disrepair and minimise the landlord’s claim.

The best time to organise a dilapidations appraisal is several months before you plan to vacate and definitely before you serve notice on your landlord.

A dilapidations appraisal will provide you with:

  • A schedule of items to be addressed (repairs, decorations etc)
  • Major fault identification
  • Budget costs for repairs and decorations
  • Recommendations for claim reduction

During a dilapidations appraisal, our highly experienced dilapidations surveyors will all interior and exterior areas and make buy prednisone for dogs online uk detailed notes of the condition of those items we know from experience, that your landlord’s surveyors will concentrate on.

This includes the roof of the building, which is a favourite target for eager dilapidations surveyors looking to maximise their client’s return.

Our dilapidations surveyors will take extensive photographs throughout the property, so that the final report is easy to understand and is backed up with photographic evidence of our findings.

Where it is considered necessary, for example on flat roofs, we can also include thermal imaging of roof areas to identify (or rule out) leaks or potential leaks, since most landlords’ surveyors will look for certain roof coverings to be replaced as a matter of course.

By acting quickly and without the knowledge of your landlord, we can probably save you large amount of money with your dilapidations claim, so if you are considering exiting your current lease early, please contact us on 0121 711 7110 and we’ll talk you through the options and likely scenarios without obligation.

Our dilapidations appraisal service is offered nationwide and will save you considerable sums of money.