Independent Dilapidations Expert Witness Service

Dilapidations is a specialist area for commercial property issues and is also the most contentious area, which of course, often leads to disputes between landlords and tenants.

As specialist commercial property surveyors, we are often asked to act as expert witnesses in dilapidations issues, usually by independent advisers or solicitors rather than the individual parties.

This is because during a commercial property dispute, the courts will expect your dilapidations expert witness to be completely independent and unbiased.

We have acted on many dilapidations expert witness cases throughout the UK and our reports have often resulted in the parties reaching out of court settlements before the legal bills get out of hand.

Our approach during dilapidations expert witness cases is to provide all parties with the relevant information presented in an easy to understand format for not only the legal representatives involved in the case, but for those who will prednisone online sales ultimately be making the rulings – who in many cases, are not going to be commercial property specialists themselves.

If you have a need for a dilapidations expert witness, we will be pleased to provide you with full details and information about our services in this area, together with details of our fees, without obligation.

Remember, dilapidations issues are not always about right and wrong. They are usually extremely complex and require the attention of dedicated experts who understand all of the implications of their recommendations.

As expert dilapidations surveyors, we understand the issues better than most and will happily bring a true voice of reason to your dilapidations disputes that will help all parties resolve their differences to better effect.

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