Drone Roof Surveys

We're currently involved in carrying out drone roof surveys in multiple locations across South Wales. We were instructed following acquisition of a portfolio of industrial estates by an institutional investment client, to determine a planned programme of repairs and improvements.

The roofs in question comprise asbestos cement, metal profile and flat felted.

If you would like to discuss the costs or the details of this service, please call us on 0121 711 7110 and speak to one of our dedicated drone roof surveys team.

Drone Roof Surveys - Cost v Value

Costs for all surveys will vary according to the geographical location, size and complexity of the premises in question, but typically, our prices start from just £400.

If the premises in question are within half an hour of our premises in Solihull, then they'll naturally be at the lower end of the fee scale, compared to a project in Scotland for example.

However, if the premises are so complex that the survey involves more flying time and editing time, the price will be higher due to the amount of work involved in compiling the survey.

Our approach to drone roof surveys is that they must produce a meaningful report for the client. There is little point in us flying the drone just to create a video or a file full of photographs.

Therefore, when you instruct us to carry out your roof survey, you'll receive a comprehensive report that is supported by photographic and video references.

Example drone roof survey video

Example asbestos drone survey video