What does a schedule of condition cost?

Ever wondered how much a schedule of condition costs on an industrial or commercial property? The answers might surprise you - and it really has little to do with price of the original survey, which should have little influence on your decision. Read to article to discover the questions that you really need to ask before entering into a commercial property lease.

One of the first questions commercial property tenants ask when entering a new lease is, "what does a schedule of condition cost?"

This is particularly true of those entering into a lease for the first time, but this is the one area where you shouldn't look to make savings.

The reason is that saving money initially might seem like a good idea, but it's at the end of the lease where it really matters, because the quality of your schedule of condition will determine how much money you might have to pay your landlord when the dilapidations claim is submitted.

The initial schedule of condition cost will seem tiny compared to the dilapidations claim and if your schedule isn't comprehensive, then you'll have nowhere to hide.

In simple terms, the price of the condition survey will be determined by the amount of time the surveyor spends on site.

It is reasonable therefore, to expect that a low schedule of condition cost will equated to less time on site, or perhaps indicate that your building surveyor might not be as experienced as you might wish - perhaps a new trainee has been assigned to look after you, rather than an experienced practitioner?

The Money Is In The Roof!

A roof inspection will influence a schedule of condition cost

Did you allow for roof access in your budget when looking for your surveyor? Will the surveyor even be looking at the roof?

We think it's essential that the roof is inspected and its condition comprehensively recorded and will recommend using a cherry picker in order to get up close and personal, if safe roof access is not available on site.

That's because this where a good dilapidations surveyor will look first when the lease ends.

A dilapidations surveyor knows that this is where the expensive problems lie and also knows that many new tenants don;t bother checking the condition of the roof during a condition survey, because it could instantly save £500 just on cherry picker hire.

We have seen that £500 saving cost tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds at the end of commercial property leases.

Consider therefore, that the real schedule of condition cost is what your landlord's dilapidations surveyor is going to wring out of you at lease end, not the initial money you spend on getting the condition survey completed.

So What Does A Schedule Of Condition Cost?

The truth is that there is no standard cost for a condition survey. Every company charges a different rate.

In our case, we have to implement a minimum charge, so the smallest property, based locally, will cost at least £450 plus a cherry picker for the roof inspection, unless safe access is already available, for example on a flat roof that is easily and readily accessible.

Bear in mind that our prices might be cheaper or more expensive than other companies. We don't really know what others charge and it would have no influence on our pricing in any event.

All we can advise, is that you call us on 0121 709 5352 and we'll provide you with a firm price quotation anywhere in England or Wales.