Independent asbestos roof survey

Asbestos Roof Survey

We were instructed to undertake an independent roof survey on this ageing asbestos cement roof in October 2018. The client had already received three differing recommendations (and prices) from industrial roofing contractors and wanted the reassurance that only an independent and qualified roof survey would provide.

Asbestos roof survey
This is an image from an asbestos roof survey conducted  in October 2018.

The client had received a number of recommendations from contractors concerning the roof, but wanted independent and professional advice.

Typically, once an asbestos roof gets to the point where patch repairs are constantly being undertaken, a complete refurbishment program will be required.

Options will generally include:

Asbestos Roof Coating - if the condition of the roof sheets is sufficient, a suitable coating system might be one of the most cost effective measures. However, before considering a coating system, it is vitally important to have a professional survey carried out, since the money spent on the coating system might be wasted!

Over-Clad - An over-cladding project involves fixing a supporting grid to the asbestos cement sheets. A layer of insulation and a vapour barrier is set into the grid, which is then over-clad with steel profiled sheets. This can be a fairly expensive option and again, it is not always feasible to do this.

New Roof - This option is favoured y many clients because it completely removes the problem of leaving the asbestos roof in-situ. As you might expect, it's the most expensive option, since it involves disposing of the asbestos cement roof sheets. New roofs always work and they add value to the property.

What Is Involved In Conducting An Asbestos Roof Survey?

Safety is always the first consideration when conducting an asbestos roof inspection.

Asbestos roof sheets are fragile and cannot be trafficked, so in most cases, it will be necessary to allow for the cost of a cherry picker in order to be able to get close to the roof sheets.

All of our building surveyors carry harnesses and other PPE equipment and this must be used when using cherry pickers.

The survey is visual in nature, but occasionally, we might sample some of the material if it is found to be delaminating, just to confirm the type of asbestos that is present. Never assume that an asbestos cement roof is made from Crysotile (white) asbestos, because we have seen many that also contain the more dangerous Crocidolite (blue) asbestos as well.

The surveyor will take numerous photographs to support the findings and recommendations and these will be presented in the form of an easy to understand report.

Sometimes, we will support the visual inspection with a drone flight, which produces more images and video footage. This is particularly useful on larger roofs, but bear in mind that even with high quality 4K video cameras, drones are no substitute for getting up close.

Our asbestos roof survey includes recommendations for all of the options, including approximate budget costs which can be crystallised by tendering the works, once a formal specification has been prepared.

The asbestos roof survey does not include for preparation of the specification, but this service can be added on, or included as part of a complete project management and contract administration service.

To arrange an asbestos roof survey, anywhere in the UK, please call 0121 711 7110.