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Gutter Surveys

independent gutter surveys by Chartered Building SurveyorsA gutter survey is recommended to prevent overflows in the event of sudden and heavy rainfall.

Leaking gutters on industrial and commercial buildings are extremely common.

The solutions to leaking gutters can range from the very simple, like sealing an obvious leak, to the very complex, where the entire gutter design needs to be reconsidered and possibly even reconfigured.

If your industrial gutter suffers from overflows in sudden sharp downpours (usually those in the summer), there could be a flaw in the design of the gutter, or a problem withing the guttering system, especially if it's an older siphonic system.

What a Gutter Survey Involves

A gutter survey differs from simply looking at the gutter with a camera and a pole.

Instead, it involves measuring the gutters, working out the peak flow of water that is currently being achieved and then looking at ways to make the flow more efficient.

There are many considerations that go along with this approach.

When we conduct the survey, we consider the design of the roof, calculate the areas of the roofs in question and look at how much water can be expected if there is a sudden downpour.

We then look at improving the flow of the gutter which could involve weirs, sumps, additional outlets to the gutters or vertical rainwater pipes, adding a secondary siphonic system or any number of other solutions.

The aim is to engineer out the chances of overwhelming the gutters, so we take historical geographical rainfall data and then look to provide recommendations to avoid the 1 in 60 or 100 years rainfall scenarios that seem to becoming more common, in an attempt top reduce the risk of overflow and water ingress into the building.

A gutter survey is extremely important if you are considering roof works, for example, the coating or overcladding of an old asbestos roof, or the introduction of large extensions to industrial premises.

More than just an inspection, our service is designed for clients looking to solve the problems caused by sudden downpours. All modern industrial and commercial premises should be designed in a way to already cope with this, but unfortunately, we still see many installation errors that cause overflows on even the best designed systems.

These installation flaws can be identified and put right relatively inexpensively.

It's only by calculating the flow of your gutters that you can be as certain as possible that your gutters are up to the job. It's a peace of mind survey as much as anything else.

A gutter overflowing into a large building can cause enormous damage and could easily render a building unusable for a period of time. It can be as catastrophic as any fire to a business, especially if high value goods or equipment is stored or used inside the building.

Gutter Survey Costs

The cost of a gutter survey involves two elements:

  1. The surveyors time in attending site and compiling the report and
  2. The cost of access in getting onto the roof (which must be done safely, from cherry picker if necessary)

The time spent on site will depend on the size and complexity of the roof(s) in question, but typically, our prices start at just £600. Some surveys take an hour or two, others could take several days, so it really isn't possible to provide exact pricing.

Cherry picker and driver hire is usually in the region of £500 per day or part-day. We do not recommend drones for conducting gutter surveys, (even though we have qualified drone pilot surveyors on our team), since we require accurate measurements of the gutters and need to thoroughly inspect the gutters.

The work in the office to perform the calculations on each gutter and to compile the report with our recommendations takes around two to three times as long as the time we spend on site.

Gutter surveys are complex and shouldn't be left to those without the expertise to identify the type of gutter that is installed and the knowledge on how to put things right.

If you are considering roof works, such as overcladding, roof replacement or roof coating works, or simply want to solve a continuing problem with overflowing gutters, please call us on 0121 711 7110 to arrange a comprehensive gutter survey.

We can also incorporate our gutter survey service into a comprehensive roof survey if required.

Independent asbestos roof survey

Asbestos Roof Survey

We were instructed to undertake an independent roof survey on this ageing asbestos cement roof in October 2018. The client had already received three differing recommendations (and prices) from industrial roofing contractors and wanted the reassurance that only an independent and qualified roof survey would provide.

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